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35KV-110KV Power transformer

Coil structure:
The high and low voltage coils are divided into a whole suit, and the pressure is compacted evenly to ensure the axial strength of the coil.
Inside the circle is lined with high strength phenolic paper, high voltage coil external brace process ensures full set of compact radial coil.
younggir第一次young巨大 The exposed wires in the transformer are all insulated. Increase the support point of the lead, strengthen the strength of the lead bracket and shell. The lead connection is cold.

Pressing process:
younggir第一次young巨大 The transformer wire is made of oxygen free copper and high strength insulating material.

Oil tank manufacturing:
The transformer oil tank is made of bucket or bell type. Model "F" is side blower cold. The sealing rubber adopts the "0" type integral structure to ensure no leakage.
All the gas collecting pipes on the top cover of the bell cover adopt a sloping structure to the gas relay.
The oil tank is molded with the stiffener, and the top pressure of the jack is 4 blocks, and the paint marks are used.
The configuration of the transformer is reasonable and beautiful, and the inner wall of the tank is coated with epoxy resin paint. The external paint uses high quality silver powder paint.
The YSF8 type pressure relief valve is used in the explosion proof device of the transformer


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